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eBiz Select is the #1 choice for small businesses who want a website they're proud of.

We use modern and sharp designs combined with a data optimized website to act as a lead generating funnel. Our promise of clear communication and 24-hour website monitoring ensures issues are minimal and that you’re always a step ahead. You'll be proud to send your customers to your new website! 

Superb Communication Promise


Modern and Sharp Design


24-hour Website Monitoring


Grow Your Business With Process Automation

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Dan Freedman
Freedman & Freedman
"Alex and his company do terrific work and his assistance and guidance in rebuilding my firm website was invaluable, professional and a big boost to my online presence. For those small businesses looking for website design and hosting, look no further than eBiz Select."

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Starter sites are perfect for someone who is new to eCommerce or entrepreneurship because it takes less time to get up and running. Throughout the years, we have discovered website designs that make a successful eCommerce business.
With a starter site, you skip the
building part and go straight to the growing part. 

NOTE: You'll need a free Flippa profile to view listings. 
Ready to exit? Sell your ecommerce business easily. We'll handle your business valuation, legal agreement, auction, marketing, and escrow. We'll sell your internet business for 3x to 5x its annual revenue. Rest assured as an auctions reserve price is set by you - if your website auction does not meet this reserve price, you don’t have to sell it. Let's Talk
Other Solutions
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Your website is your digital hub. Our designers will make your business look great, and you'll have a central spot for your scaleable processes. 
You'll get paid securely and effortlessly when we set up your cloud payments system. You can also add subscriptions, send invoices, and automate billing email notifications to your customers.
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Is it time for a new look? It's proven that branding and design improves business performance. Our top-line graphic artists will keep your business looking sharp, and keep your customers coming back. 

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